Beginning at the same time as The Phantom Menace, it involves a small group of heroes caught up in a secret that has lain dormant for more than a thousand years...


A small child finds a terrible secret. Actually, a small child is found by a terrible secret...


The hapless victims that fall into the clutches of my game mastering

Episode 1

A group of passengers on a small transport stumble across a many-facted mystery...

Episode 2

Some of the group head to the mountains to find out who is bombing empty hills, and why.

Episode 3

The others journey not-so-bravely on a dangerous diplomatic mission.

Episode 4

The threat is revealed, but what can our heroes DO about it?

Episode 5

Our victorious heroes find out what really happens when the Sith come back to the galaxy.

Episode 6

A hopeless situation where the only aim is survival.

Episode 7

Escape and chase!