Musvali Seekers

Created by Steven Cavanagh, 2000.

"You're rejected by the Jedi Council because you're too angry. How does that make you feel?"

In the days of the Old Republic, some children rejected by the Jedi were taken in by an arm of the public service to prevent them turning against the Jedi. The process eventually became a clandestine organisation completely under the control of the Republic. 
The force-using seeker agents of the Musvali ("The Unnoticed") are used for tasks where the Jedi are not available, will not act on principle or cannot be trusted by the Republic. The autonomous nature of the Jedi order is thus circumvented, and some corrupt senators and even chancellors have been rumoured to utilise the Musvali to commit terrible crimes.
Seekers receive little formal instruction in the Force. Their training focuses on using the natural talent they have to augment more conventional skills of infiltration, investigation and law enforcement. They have no master/apprentice system, preferring to work alone or in teams that can sense each other and react as one.