Force Lash

Used by some Jedi padawan learners, this weapon was relatively uncommon during the heyday of the Old Republic. In the time of the Empire it was extremely rare. 
The hilt of a force lash is identical to that of a lightsaber. When the button is pressed, metal telescopes out from the handle (like a radio aerial) for about 80cm and is encompassed in a glowing sheath of energy. The metal (and hence the energy around it) has some flexibility, though not enough to wrap around objects. 

The weapon was a favourite for padawans accompanying their masters on first assignments. Due to the weight in the blade, some Jedi masters considered it to be easier for their apprentices to use without taking their own head off, yet powerful enough to assist their masters in combat. 

Game Data:
Created: 1993 by Steven Cavanagh






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