Asti was raised a slave on Axat, a barren world used as a droid construction factory by the Empire. In an ironic parody of droids helping sentients, she and her fellow slaves worked to construct Imperial probe, torture and assassin droids of many models before escaping to the Alliance. She assesses situations pratically, and can often see solutions to a problem that the more combat-oriented members of the team cannot.
Soft-spoken, yet strong of arm and loyalty, Dar is a member of the Wilder, the indigenous natives of Agost. Slow to anger, he is level-headed and never acts impulsively. He has little knowledge of technology and the rest of the galaxy, and has only left his world because of a duty passed to him by tribal law. He literally wields a blade of grass- a sword made of a grass species whose strength rivals metal alloys.
Karlos Trialeki
Once a farmer, Karlos saw his entire family gunned down before his eyes when the Empire seized Agost to produce food for its war machine. Driven by a need for vengeance, he studied the ways of the gun and started a rebellion of his own with a few friends. A failed raid on an Imperial storage facility saw his friends killed, and Karlos was captured and identified. Led out to his execution, he was saved by a chance encounter with a Wilder (Dar), and saw no choice but to flee the grassworld to where he can enact vengeance on the greatest scale- by using his eight-gun for the Rebel Alliance.
(Pictured is Chris, Karlos' player)
This friendly and intelligent wookiee left Kashyyyk out of a sense of pure adventure. Journeying across the stars, he worked in the company of many smugglers and rogues before a hyperspace mishap brought his ship down over Agost. His great strength has given him confidence and wisdom- he feels no need to prove himself, but is not averse to unleashing his anger on the Empire that enslaved his people.
Stoge (Eegar Fynas)
Trained as a fighter pilot by his father, Stoge was forced to flee his homeworld of Tyndor when its local rebellion was crushed by Imperial forces. Stoge is motivated by beer, women, having a good time, and the rush of combat. Capable of working in a team, he is nevertheless foolhardy and, if not surrounded by more level-headed friends, would have been killed long ago.
(Artwork by Matt, Stoge's player)
Straun Solarwind
Born on Alderaan, Straun and his mother left the peaceful system when his father mysteriously disappeared during Straun's infancy. Escaping the growing political storm, they settled on Agost and bought a farm. There Straun learned to tend eguale, the horse-sized mantis insectoids native to the grassworld, until adulthood and subservience to the empire motivated him to leave and seek the rebellion.
(Pictured is Christian, Straun's player)
Hailing from the Nepalina system in the galactic core, Surge spent most of his adolescence as a scholar. Learning to question his circumstances, the young Surge asked one too many questions at the acedemy at Carida and was forced to run. Hopping from system to system in the outer rim, he searched for a way to contact the rebels and make use of his talents. Slow to take initiative, Surge uses violence as a last resort.