OK, I did something stupid (To: Carla Ulbrich's "Please do something stupid")

Parody Lyrics copyright 2002 by Steven Cavanagh.

I have tried so hard to show you that I'm not like other guys
they were rude and crude and stupid and of course I was so wise
But you complained and wrote a song about the way I am
I guess that I can drop the act, cause baby I'm your man!

OK, I did something stupid because you told me to
Don't question my devotion I'd do anything for you
got my guitar and thought I'd start by mangling your tune
because if you want something stupid, it's me you're talking to!

Have I ever shown you my amazing party trick
How I can gargle bathroom cleaner and it doesn't make me sick
today I watered plastic flowers upon your window sill
I'm sorry that the salt put in your coffee made you ill.
I don't mean to be condescending to my little buttercup,
but watch me stand beneath the overpass and hock some loogies UP

OK, I did something stupid because you told me to
I flour bombed the mailman, and I found he knows kung fu
I fit inside your fridge, the light switch rumors are all true
hey, if you want someone stupid then I'm the man for you!

A lump in your new carpet I just flattened with my feet
but y'know how you've been missing your pet parakeet?
Well I think that I.. I think that I.. Think you should have a seat,
because I lifted up the carpet and he's tweeted his last tweet.

There's nothing that I wouldn't do to try and win your heart
I drove four hundred miles just to burn down a Wal-Mart
I surveyed stupid people and here is what I've found
There's no-one else quite like me who can make that armpit sound.

Yeah I just did something stupid because you told me so
I got the front door for you, it was automatic though
You asked me to do something stupid and of course I know
that it's not like you're sarcastic...................D'oh!