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Around 50 well known song parodies about Star Wars! They've got people into trouble for laughing in libraries, been printed in magazines, sung on stage at conventions, stolen for a french pornographic parody and taught to a girl scout troop. This is their official site, with mp3s and karaoke.

Song parodies about everything else- and I mean everything else.

The first Star Wars Roleplaying Fan Fiction on the net, still going strong with all-new characters, drama and humour.

Lord of the Rings articles

Below are some articles I've penned for 's humour section.

Middle Earth Local News Update #2

Middle Earth Local News Update

Sauron concerned at return of 'The King'

Terrorist attack on Moria - nominee for 'Best Mini Slash' at the First 2002 Tolkie Awards!

LOTR on 'Banned Texts' List at Hogwarts - Winner of the 'Best Writer' award at the First 2002 Tolkie Awards!

Star Wars Fever Grips Middle-Earth

Pod Birthing Gives New Hope to Childless Orcs

If LOTR were directed by...

Latest scene changes in FOTR!

The Wordless Geek Test

Stupid Elf!

Fantasy fiction written for the newsgroup in 1991-93, co-authored by Steven Cavanagh and Christian Girard:

Rollik: Lord of the Heath. Character into story.

Genesis of a Timelord. Character into story of Rollik's travelling companion Timelord (written by Christian)

The Ak'lssh Chronicles. An adventure featuring both characters, authored in alternating sections. This is actually the first story written, the others are prequels.

The Two Friends' Ride. A poetic adventure.